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Learn the mathematical and logical concepts used in the structure of information and the creation of algorithms, which in turn, lead to the analysis and the design of hardware and software.

Computer Science Major

What Will I Learn?

Programming: Computer programs (software) are the instructions that give computers their power. You will learn to program in several languages — Java, C, Python and Perl. A skilled programmer knows how to design, code and test large programs so they run efficiently and are easy to maintain.

Logic and math: 我们如何衡量和比较程序效率? 我们怎么知道程序会计算呢 correct results? 这些问题的答案需要数学的语言 and logic.

Systems: 计算机硬件在不断发展. 与此同时,对运营也提出了新的要求 系统、设备驱动程序和其他软件工件. 你将研究这些联系 计算机组织和操作系统这两门课程.

Putting it all together: Software engineering and software design studio are capstone courses where students work together to design, code, test and document a software project.



计算技术无处不在. 自从印刷机发明以来就没有了 has the world seen such a revolution in the way information can be used and disseminated. 社会影响是惊人的. 作为负责任的专业人士,我们想要了解 the impact our work has had and will continue to have on culture, work and politics.

We have a great program, challenging curriculum, and excellent students, but what I’m most proud of are the inspiring faculty within our department and their dedication 帮助我们的学生取得成功.
Delbert Hart,计算机科学系系主任



  • Computer programmer
  • 计算机软件工程师和软件开发人员
  • 计算机科学教育和研究
  • Web developer

An increased spectrum of jobs becomes available to you after earning a graduate degree; 我们的计算机科学专业为研究生学习提供了很好的准备. Some of our recent graduates were accepted in graduate CS programs at the Oxford University (UK), Cornell 大学(美国)和其他著名大学.

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